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Multifunction expansion board kit based learning



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It is an open source code base with the Simple i / o platform, and has a similar java, C language development environment. So you can quickly use language with Flash or cessing software to make interactive works. Electronic components can be used to complete the development of, for example, Switch or Sensors or other controller, LED, stepper motor or other output devices. You can also operate independently as a software platform that can communicate with, for example, said: flash cessing Max / MSP VVVV or other interactive software, open source development IDE interface is based on the principle that allows you to download of charge to develop more amazing interactive works.


Arduino compatible Multi-function Shield It has the following characteristics:

1 , With the market, 2009 UNO LENARDO 2560 Seamless integration and other mainstream Controller



2 , 4 LED lights ?To know the ance of the LED, when actually doing the ject, with this indicator can be used directly indicate the operating status of the gram, to facilitate debugging.


3 , DS18B20 temperature sensor Interface, you can do temperature measurement experiment, this price does not include DS18B20 Oh, I needed another shot.

4 , LM35 temperature sensor Interface, you can do temperature measurement experiment, the price is not included in the LM35 Oh, I needed another shot.

5 , 3296 Precision adjustable potentiometer , Analog input port (can be used to control LED brightness, turn the steering angle, digital voltage, etc.)

6 , Integrated infrared receiver Can be suitable for any infrared remote control experiment, the price also does not include the integrated receiver, it needed another shot.

7 , Four digital (using 74HC595 driver vincial IO learning SPI) Can do digital display test (it can display temperature, voltage, counter value, etc.).

8 , Three separate buttons, a reset button You can do key experiments (HMI).



9 , The buzzer sound can be used for experiments . (You can call the police, nunciation, etc.)


10 , Bluetooth, a wireless interface, voice module, voice recognition module, can be used for wireless communication experiment

11 , Actuator Interface Convenient drive servos

12 , Infrared detection Interface Convenient and infrared docking realization of human traffic statistics





1 , Multi-function Shield 1
2, a data viding online Download
The following image sensor demo applications are not equipped Oh, there is a need, then you need to buy another







Multi-function Shield Resources Introduction




Expansion board is directly connected with the non-specific speech recognition module LD3320, voice control lamp can be achieved. For the smart home, essential


Expansion board is directly connected to a Bluetooth wireless serial module, the phone can control the lighting, motion control smart car


Expansion board is directly connected with the APC220 wireless serial module, long-distance data transmission!



Expansion boards directly with infrared photoelectric sensor docking, can achieve human traffic statistics, intelligent car obstacle avoidance function


Expansion boards directly SYN6288 voice recorder docking module, voice broadcast feature


Expansion board directly, MG945 MG995 and other servos connected to SG90, realize complex robot movements


Expansion boards directly implement the common infrared remote control decoding, realize car control, lighting control, relay control

Left common temperature sensor interface! Convenient temperature measurement


The following is some common experiments! (Source code vided)

Digital display LM35 temperature sensor




Digital display voltage





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