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NE555 monostable delay module switch delay-off switch (5V) automotive electrical delay



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one, size: 6.8CM * 2.1CM

two, The main chip: NE555

three, Operating voltage: 5 V DC

four, Features:
1 , Power relay 1-10s fixed period of closing and opening. Specifically: 12v power supply to the relay, the relay will not immediately sucked and status relay outputs are: normally open and the public is turned off normally closed to public; wait until the delay 1-10s You can adjust After the release of the relay, this time, the status of the relay output: normally open and public disconnected, normally closed and common conduction; as long as the UPS module, this state will remainFixed cycle 1-10s absorption and release .
2 , Adjustable delay time, 0 ~ 10 second
4 Increase potentiometer can increase the delay time
5 , Increasing the capacitance C1 You can increase the delay time
6 Having an input power indicator
7 With relay indicator

8 Can control AC 220V / 10A What equipment. Maximum control device 2000W

9 With wheeling protection relay.

10 , The delay time formula: T = 1.1RC . For example: Capacitor 100uf resistance 100K T = 1.1 * 100000 * 0.0001 = 11 second

Applicable occasion: SCM learning, electronic competition, product development, graduation design. . .

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