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NRF24L01 + power enhanced version 2.4G wireless module than similar bind far



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NRF24L01 is a world-wide work in the 2.4-2.5GHz ISM band single-chip transceiver chip, wireless transceiver comprising: a frequency generator SchockBurstTM Enhanced mode controller power amplifier modulator crystal amplifier output power demodulator channel selection and tocol settings can be set very low current consumption through the SPI interface , When operating the transmission power in the transmission mode is 6dBm current consumption is 9.0mA to 12.3mA receiving mode power-down mode Standby mode and lower current consumption mode.
Ball Open ISM Band, the maximum 0dBm Transmit power, license-exempt use. Open 180-240 meters!

Compare the distance and s, definitely more than s more than doubled!


Open condition 250Kb baud rate, there are more than 240 meters signal. At this highly directional, but 2.4G Diffraction and penetration is not strong, this is the drawbacks, I must explain. They are the same!


It supports six-way data channel reception


1. Low voltage: 1.9 ~ 3.6V Low-voltage operation


2. The high rate: 2Mbps Since air transport time is very short, greatly reduced the wireless transmission of collision phenomenon?Software setup 1Mbps or 2Mbps air transmission rate?


3. Multi-frequency: 125 Frequency, multi-point communication and frequency hopping to meet the communication needs


4. Ultra-small: Built 2.4GHz Antenna, small size, 15x 29 mm ?It includes an antenna?


5. Low power consumption: When working in answer mode communication, fast air transport and start time, greatly reduce the current consumption.


6. Low application costs: NRF24L01 It integrates all RF Part of the agreement related to the high-speed signal cessing, such as: automatic retransmission of lost data Package and automatically generates response signals, NRF24L01 of SPI The use of MCU hardware interface SPI Port connection or MCU I / O Mouth to simulate internal FIF O With a variety of high and low speed micro cessor interface, easy to use low-cost microcontroller.


7. facilitate the development: Due to the link layer is fully integrated in the module is very easy to develop. Automatic retransmission function, automatic detection and retransmission of lost packets, the retransmission time and the number of retransmissions can be software controlled Automatic storage not received response signal packets Auto answer, after receiving valid data, the module automatically sends a response signal without any additional gramming Carrier Detect fixed frequency detection Built-in hardware CRC Error detection and multipoint communication address control Packet transmission error counter and carrier detection function can be used to set the frequency hopping It can be set at the same six-way receive channel address, selective open receiving channel standard Pin Dip2.54MM Pitch interfaces for embedded applications.









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