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NRF905 wireless module (PTR8000 +) 905 module wireless module



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NRF905 Basic Features

One transmission and reception functions, send and receive complete interrupt flag

433/868/915 working frequency, 433MHZ open ISM band license- use
Transmission rate 50KBPS, 433 external antenna, open communication distance up to 300 meters indoor communication 3-6 layer enables reliable communication, strong anti-jamming performance, strong interference barrier penetration perties.

A maximum of 32 bytes can be transmitted and received, the software can be set / receive buffer size bytes 2/4/8/16/32

170 channels, to meet the multi-point communications and frequency hopping communication needs and achieve network communication, TDMA-CDMA-FDMA

Built-in hardware 8/16 bit CRC to develop more simple, reliable and stable data transmission.

1.9-3.6V work, low power consumption, standby mode only 2.5uA.

Built-in SPI interface, but also through I / O port simulation SPI implementation. Maximum SPI clock can be as large 10M


// // NRF905 register configuration
unsigned char idata RFConf [11] =
0x00, // // configuration commands
0x4c, // CH_NO, configure the frequency band 430MHZ
0x0C, // output power of 10db, without retransmission, saving normal mode
0x44, // address width set to 4 bytes
0x20,0x20, // transmitting and receiving valid data length of 32 bytes
0xCC, 0xCC, 0xCC, 0xCC, // receiving address
0x58, // CRC charge Xu, 8-bit CRC, the external clock signal is not enabled, 16M crystal



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