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PAM8610 digital amplifier board 10W + 10W high-fidelity audio amplifier board



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Super mini digital amplifier board, high efficiency digital power amplifier, to obtain input when 7-15V power 10W * 2 can be placed in the gap in other equipment, can easily create MP3 / 4 or mobile phones, laptops and other external speakers, power supply recommendations with external DC power jack input voltage of 7-15V, 2A above current external volume control.


Size: 3.2cm * 4cm * 1.6cm thick

Power supply: DC?DC?: 7-15V

Output Power: 10W + 10W?8 ohms?

SNR: 90dB

Efficiency: greater than 90%

 The company independently design and production, affordable, , large favorably, welcome to order!

Noise amplifier problem of elimination:

Some customers have reacted board powered amplifier noise. We produce all board production line tested. To ensure that there will be no noise problem. PA is a small signal amplification, low noise amplification will be doubled. The main source of noise into three parts:

1?Input, unplug the headphone amplifier board audio input port line test, if no problem is the noise source or the audio cable end, if there is around your amplifier board high-power devices and equipment?As 220v AC power, motors, high frequency power transformer?Electromagnetic radiation generated will be received and amplified audio cable. Then you need to replace a shielded audio cable, try to choose a good audio cable can greatly improve noise problems.

2?Audio source grounded.

3?Power problems, try to use an independent power amplifier boards, if share power with other digital circuits, such as using a computer 12V power supply on the motherboard, it will also produce noise, because the digital circuits to crosstalk pulse will be amplified by the power amplifier board.


 Physical picture


The entire board optional potentiometer or without potentiometer, potentiometer default, without potentiometer following pictures


Potentiometer with wire


Distribution of audio input line, the line length of 80 cm. You can use this line connected with MP3, MP4, computers, mobile phones and the like headphone output.


Speaker output cable, length 30 cm. Use this cable to connect your amplifier board with speaker or speakers.


The following is a power extension cable, the default does not contain this line, and 1 1. If necessary, please contact us.


Screenshot raw data files, if you need this information, please ask us

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