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PCF8574 PCF8574 PCF8574T module module IO Expansion Module I / O Expansion Module I2C



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Features: Based on I2C interface I / O expansion modules, use two I / O scalability eight I / O?Up to eight simultaneous use PCF8574, expanded to 64 I / O?
Maximum features: 1. Support two interface type access target board: row needles or row seat
2. Support the I2C bus cascade?By pin, row seat docking method, which can use multiple I2C modules?
typical application: For I / O resources were scarce MCU I / O expansion
Main resources: PCF8574, I2C interface and 8-bit parallel
Information includes:
  • test gram?AVR, STM8, C8051F?
  • Circuit schematics
  • Related information PDF

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configuration list


  1. PCF8574 IO Expansion Board 1


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