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PH value detector acquisition sensor module pH sensor monitoring and control (ONLY PCB)



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PH value acquisition module 1PCS?PH value of the electrode-?
Product name: PH value acquisition sensor module?With temperature compensation?

1, the heating voltage: 50.2V?ACDC?

2, the operating current: 5-10mA

3, the detection concentration range: PH0-14

4, the detected temperature range: 0-80 ?

5, the response time: 5S

6, stabilization time: 60S

7, Component Power: 0.5W

8, the working temperature: -10 ~ 50 ??Nominal temperature 20 ??

9, Humidity: 95% RH?Nominal humidity 65% RH?

10 life: 3 years

11, Size: 42mm32mm20mm

12, weight size: 25g

13, output: analog voltage signal output




Note After PH sensor later need to buy buffer solvent.?Note that we do not sell, you need to buy locally, thank you?

PH buffering PH value of the standard solution preparation 4/7/9 buffer reagent sets PH 3 * 1 / set

PH buffer 4/7/9 three kinds / set 6.00 / set

Such as:

1. PH 4.003 25 degrees potassium hydrogen phthalate solution can be formulated 250ML

2. PH 6.864 25 degree hybrid phosphate solution can be formulated 250ML

3. PH 9.182 25 degrees boric acid solution can be formulated 250ML

PDF version available information, such as design principle of purchase



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