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PL2303 download cable / USB switch TTL / STC microcontroller programmer / upgrade in nine



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USB-TTL level converter board to related Brush software And reference materials

Programming software, drivers, and other information, please use the instructions to download, copy all the contents of the following in parentheses to the IE address bar enter into Download:
1. Upgrade various satellite set-top boxes
2. routers, hard disk, ADSL, broadband cat or firmware upgrade upgrade crack
3. Phone, XBOX360, GPS serial communication, vehicle inspection, DVD brush, etc.
4. STC microcontroller programming, NXP microcontroller, Renesas microcontrollers, NEC SCM
5. simple serial communications, and super terminal commonly used in serial debugging tools
6. electronics enthusiasts can use the USB signal to TTL signal

1. control chip PL2303HX, high-speed stability Brush
3. Has PPTC overcurrent protection 500mA
2. Set the two lights can be real-time monitoring data transmission data transfer status
3. Reserved 3.3V and 5V pin interface to facilitate the needs of different voltage power supply systems Brush
4. Interface pin parallel with the board, and the board instead of a vertical installation, leads Dupont line convenience Brush
5. The entire circuit board using heat shrink tubing transparent coating so that the PCB with the outside world into the insulating state
Thereby protecting the metal board is accidentally short-circuited and burned, the use of a transparent material, it does not affect the access panel
Screen viewing port and Monitoring Performance Indicators
6. product packaging using static bag sealed package, the of the board is not destroyed before the unused
7. Support WIN7 and other systems

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