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PM2.5 sensor dust sensor dust sensor GP2Y1010AU0F



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1, GP2Y1010AU0F dust sensor?1?

2,1 50ohm resistor?1?

3,220uF capacitance?1?

4, 6pin cable?1?Experimental essential element

Optical sensor dust?GP2Y1010AU0F?In the detection of very fine particles, such as cigarette smoke, it is particularly effective,
And it is commonly used in air purification systems.
The device, an infrared light emitting diode and phototransistor, diagonally arranged to allow it to detect the reflected light dust in the air.
The sensor has a very low current consumption?Maximum 20mA, 11 Haoan typical?, It can carry up to 7VDC sensors. The output is an analog voltage portional to the dust concentration measured sensitivity of 0.5V / 0.1mg / m3.
Power supply voltage: 5-7V
Working temperature: -10-65 ° C
Consumption current: 20mA Maximum
The smallest particles detected value: 0.8 m
Sensitivity: 0.5V / (0.1mg / m3)
Clean air voltage: 0.9V typ.
Working temperature: -10 ~ 65 ?
Storage temperature: -20 ~ 80 ?
Life: 5 years
Size: 46mm30mm17.6mm
Size Weight: 15g
Detection principle


The principle is as follows, the sensor has a hole that allows air to ly flow through the directional LED light emission by detecting light through the air after the dust refraction to determine the content of the dust. Use the test code:

int dustPin = 0;

float dustVal = 0;
int ledPower = 2;
int delayTime = 280;
int delayTime2 = 40;
float offTime = 9680;
void setup () (
Serial.begin (9600);
pinMode (ledPower, OUTPUT);
pinMode (dustPin, INPUT);
void loop () (
// LedPower is any digital pin on the arduino compatible connected to Pin 3 on the sensor
digitalWrite (ledPower, LOW);
delayMicroseconds (delayTime);
dustVal = analogRead (dustPin);
delayMicroseconds (delayTime2);
digitalWrite (ledPower, HIGH);
delayMicroseconds (offTime);
delay (1000);
if (dustVal36.455)
Serial.println ((float (dustVal / 1024) -0.0356) * 120000 * 0.035); The resulting test data and air control:
3000+ = very poor
1050-3000 = Poor
300-1050 General =
150-300 = Good
75-150 = good
0-75 = Very Good Sensor Pin Arduino compatible Pin
1 Vled 5V (150ohm resistor)
3 LED Digital pin 2
5 Vo Analog pin 0
6 Vcc 5V
LED pins must be adjusted to 1ms cycle.
LED seems to use a PNP transistor is energized, LED pin must receive a lower voltage.

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