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Precision digital LC meter LC100-A LC100A LC100-S inductance capacitance meter table



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In the electronic development engineers often need to measure inductance and capacitance, inductance capacitance meter higher price on the market, and measuring small inductors and capacitors small errors, the instrument based on the principle of LC resonance, calculated by adding high-speed microcontroller accurate measurements You can measure small capacitance and inductance 1uH less than 1pF, the biggest characteristic of the instrument, ely for the duction of microwave switch power transformers, inductance measurement.

Four measurement mode?LC module?:

1 ...... C mode. capacitance?0.01pf-10uf?.

2 ...... L mode. inductance?0.001uh-100mh?.

3.hl mode ...... large inductance?0.001mh-100h?

4.hc mode ...... large capacitance?1uf-100mf?

All booths are automatic range, easy to use. In this manner, LC100-A in terms of measurement range and accuracy can replace any of the inductance and capacitance measuring instrument on the market, the performance parameters of the digital bridge, is a cost-effective instrument.

Technical Parameters:

Structure description:

The overall effect of FIG. In use, you can use the micro USB cable to connect to your computer's USB power supply tester, if the user has a USB plug or a DC 5V power adapter can also go directly to the instrument powered mobile phone chargers. Note: If you are using a DC adapter plug, make sure pole hole, the outer periphery of the negative, while the micro USB connector polarity error conditions do not occur.


Button, a total of five, 0HC reset button, a large capacitance, inductance, select HL options, credit extensions and black buttons. HC, HL and L / C option is self-locking, press releases are 1,0, X represents any function, as follows:


1. PC USB connection for power and switch tester.

2. Select the mode according to the measured elements, select the measurement inductor LX, capacitance CX, inductive or capacitive, HCHL, measured in the open end of the state, seen on the screen:

Inductance measurement 0.000uhLX:

Capacitance display: Measuring CX0.00pf

The results show: Big inductance measurement HL0.000mh

Large capacitance measurements show: HL0.00uf

3. Because of the different measuring principle HC file, first elaborated as follows LX, CX and HL three operating modes:

In the third mode, the measurement zero adjustment requirements. Depending on the inductance and capacitance methods.

In the terminal open CX mode, press the reset button, the screen display is set right after the launch, the screen displays the time line 0.00pf; HL and LX models, in the case of short-circuit terminal, press the reset button, the screen display is set right after the launch, the screen after the show should 0.000mh and 0.000uh, the open end of the display is out of range! . Then you can connect the inductance tester.

In the measurement results is displayed, press the function keys are black, will display current test frequency.

4. In HC file, be sure to fully discharge the capacitor is measured, then the negative test fixture capacitor red and black test clip capacitor anode, display test results can be read, to note that the large-capacity measurement?Over 10mf?, Test time can be more than one second, the longer the test 100mf capacitance results about 7-8 seconds before.


1. HC mode measurements electrolytic capacitor, please note that the polarity is negative, red and black.

2. If 0 is displayed in the measurement, and sometimes need to zero, this may be a negative bias, but does not show a significant negative.

3. hibited in the test terminal element when the button is pressed to zero, this will cause erroneous results.

4. hibited untested capacitor discharge, or may cause damage to the table.

5. Using a 5V power supply adapter module, make sure the polarity is negative, otherwise it will damage the module.

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