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Raspberry Pi Pi2 5 inch A + / B + / 2B LCD touch screen LCD Raspberry Pi HDMI



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I Raspberry Pi is designed to build a 5-inch HDMI monitor, 800x480 HD resolution, with a resistive touch screen.
Saying Raspberry Pi is designed to create, but not limited to use raspberries come.?Only the installation of slot raspberry pie, easy installation raspberry pie, raspberry pie and make use of the touch screen function?
I can say that I was a generic HDMI display, you can use me other places, such as Cubieboard, Marsboard like.?This case, can not directly use the touch screen function?
Well, if you need HDMI monitor, eager to change the world, no one can stop you.

My Features
    • 800 480 HD resolution, support for touch control
    • Compatible and can be plugged directly into any version of Raspberry Pi?Raspberry Pi generation B-type HDMI cable need to re vision?
    • A driving?Raspbian system can be directly used for custom?
    • Universal HDMI display is not limited to Raspberry Pi?There resolution requirements?
    • For display only, does not occupy any I / O resources?Use the touch function, I / O intensive?
    • Support backlight control, more power
    • Immersion Gold cess, crafted

Mito Xiu Xiu


duct information

Information includes:

  • User's manual
  • Supporting the mirror
  • develop software
  • Development Information

Downloads path:


configuration list

  1. 5inch HDMI LCD 1
  2. HDMI connector
  3. Resistive screen touch pen 1
  4. RPi pillars package (4PCS set) 1
  5. Data CD 1

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