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Rd flame sensor module outputs analog digital dual fire-fighting robots



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1 Rd using flame sensor designed to detect a wide range of? Common flame detection range of a single sensor in about 30, as the distance increases, the range decreases, the duct detection range More than 120 ?
2 Can output Digital signal ?High and low?Easy to use
3 Can output Analog signal ?Voltage signal?It can be more accurately measured signal, for high precision occasions
4 Five outputs All have state Lights So whether in commissioning or in practice have brought great convenience
5 Digital Output Detection range adjustable , Analog output Adjustable sensitivity , Design flexibility
6 use 1% resistor design? Flame sensors are available in the market with a 5% resistance design ?The signal output is more accurate, the demand for high-precision measurement occasions
7 Onboard 3 M3 mounting holes Easy installation
8 3.3V-9V Power supply, compatible with most SCM system
9 Mounted devices used in all SMT automatic welding cess , Military trustworthy


working principle:

This duct is able to detect the band of flame were emitted shortwave 7001100 nm of near infrared (SW-NIR), by means of an electrical signal?Voltage signal?Output.


Flame detection requires all occasions

Use case:

Fire-fighting robots

Fire alarm

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