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BFD-1000 is Way electronic tracking robot for the majority want to make friends and cordial to a cost-effective, multi-tracking module, which is sufficient to meet the daily tracking tasks, but also with an infrared distance sensor , touch sensor, it allows you to design robots able to adapt more cases.

BFD-1000 specifically designed for black?White?Seek the line, ely for complex black and white lines, black and white lines crossing detection, it has an infrared sensor 6 channel high sensitivity?5-way transmission line, a road barrier shield?, It is possible to accurately identify black and white lines, it has the following functions and features:

1.BFD-1000 integrated 5-way tracking sensor with high sensitivity, the environmental impact is small, can accurately complex black line?White line?Track, for a simple black line tracing more ease.

2.BFD-1000 integrates a barrier infrared sensor, unblinded and distance can be adjusted by sliding rheostat.

3.BFD-1000 has a ly designed touch sensor, making the design and from the robot easier.

4.BFD-1000 output signals are all digital signals?High and low?, Convenient and connected to the microcontroller.

5.BFD-1000 has all the sensor output status LED lights as an indicator for easy debugging.

6.BFD-1000 supports voltage 3.0-5.5v meet the needs of most systems.

7. The high sensitivity of the sensor, the tracking range can be arbitrarily changed between 0.5mm-40mm without the need to make any adjustments.

Select reason Way tracking sensors:

Reasonable integrated seven sensors, super cost 1. module.

2. The rational layout of the sensor on a module, do not need to connect more Dupont line, keep your design simple and generous, reducing the chance of error range, when troubleshooting error can be more quickly find errors, saving time, effort .

3. High- serviceyou will be able to correctly use the module, excellent routines you need to make sure you can work with this module.

Technical Parameters:

Detection distance: 0-4 cm?Black and white line sensor? 0-5 cm?Adjustable distance detection?

Input voltage: 3.0-5.5V

Output Type: Digital Output?High and low?



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