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Red 3D printing A4988 stepper motor driver reprap send fins



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A4988 Red


Core chip A4988 Description:
A4988 is a belt converter and overcurrent tection DMOS micro-step drive, the duct is available in full, half, 1 / 4,1 / 8 and sixteenth-step mode to operate bipolar stepper motor drive output performance up to 35 V and 2, A4988 includes a fixed off-time current regulator, the regulator can operate in slow or mixed decay modes. Converter is the key to the easy implementation of the A4988. Just enter a pulse step input, the micro-step drives the motor. There are no phase-sequence tables, high frequency control lines or complex interfaces to gram. A4988 interface is very suitable for complex micro cessor is unavailable or is overburdened.
A4988 features are the following:
1, suitable for driving below 8V ~ 35V 2A stepper motors;
2, only a simple step and direction control interface;
3, five different stepping modes: full, half, 1 / 4,1 / 8 and 1/16;
4, adjustable potentiometer can adjust the maximum output current, resulting in higher step rate;
5, Automatic current decay mode detection / selection;
6, thermal shutdown circuit, undervoltage lockout, crossover current tection;
7, the ground short-circuit tection and load short-circuit tection

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