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scale MC9S12XS128MAA 80 foot minimum system board (40 * 45mm) high-speed smart car BDM



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Minimum system board functions and features:
1, can be overclocked up to 96MHz bus clock (not recommended);
2, BDM interfaces;
3, the reset button;
4, then an LED lamp PB0;
5, the power LED lights;
6, pin 100mil an integer multiple of the standard dot matrix boards can plug in to;
7, board size: 40 * 45mm.
8, the use of double-line, wiring more convenient;
9, welding machines, high-speed system stable operation, enhanced anti-jamming capability;
10, PCB pads with thick gold plating and solder technology, strong antioxidant capacity;
11, with reflow soldering cess, the relative manual welding and more reliable;

MC9S12XS128MAA microcontroller features introduced:
1, S12XS MCU is removed XGate co cessor S12XE microcontroller series based on.
2, this series of devices using S12X V2 CPU core;
3, can be run on a 40MHz bus frequency;
4, the ECC module;
5,1 SPI modules;
6,8 16-bit counter;
7,1 CAN bus modules;
8,4 Road external event triggers an interrupt input port;
9,2 a SCI serial communication module supports LIN bus;
10,7 Road PWM;
11,8 Road, 8, 10, 12 AD conversion time 3us;
12,80 pin LQFP SMD package.


1. regulator function: the elimination of short high-voltage pulse, voltage at 5.1V and less power 1 watt. in case Power supply fault , Remove immediately to prevent long power consumption and damage to the module;

2. reverse tection function: short supply reverse polarity tection, power 1 watt. If found after power module 5V power indicator light is not normal, such as Dark, extinguished And so on, unplug the power immediately to prevent long power consumption and damage to the module ( not pick the wrong, a lot of checks);

Suggest: Circuit design, make the series with a self-recovery fuse in the module 5V supply terminal by means of 1,2 function can effectively tect the power supply module (limited number of considerations module layout, the insurance is not included, the user can design the motherboard in time you can add your own).

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