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SCM RDM6300 ID card reader module RFID radio module UART serial output



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Arrivals: RDM8800 NFC / RFID card reader module


Direct serial output operation:

1.RDM6300 reader module wiring is as follows: 5v power supply

2. The development board can be grammed space gram:

void setup () ()


void loop () ()

3. Serial assistant or IDE serial output data reader:

Output in hexadecimal format start frame + ID code + verification code + stop frame, such as a digital ID Tag is on 0008565187 The output for the next diagram


Conversion between hex


RDM630 series of non-contact radio frequency ID card-specific modules, preclude the use of advanced radio frequency receiver circuits and embedded microcontroller design, combined with efficient decoding algorithms, to complete the data EM4100 compatible ID cards received. Or works with a receiver sensitivity of high current cubicle, high stability for a variety of RFID applications access ? attendance, charges, Patrol and other security ?.

The maximum reading distance 5CM. Coil inductance 47 ~ 68uH


Common foreign users of RFID reader accessory modules that can read 125K EM4100 series of RFID cards. The module is easy to use, after the power supply board serial connection, when RFID card reader into the range, the module will be sent directly to the card number via UART. Then relay modules can achieve a simple access control.


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