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Serial WIFI module MTK MT7681 MediaTek



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MTK MT7681 is a new networking chip, is undoubtedly the most competitive chip, so that we will soon be able to experience this module, 1 MT7681 contains an internal high-speed CPU processor that can be used by customers without external microcontroller to achieve data transmission. There are dozens of K FALSH program space can be used, more than a dozen K RAM idle, the external IO ports and five serial ports can be freely called. 2 Internal MT7681 code, simply call several TCP UDP function, you can complete the data link transmit and receive functions, which is more mature. 3 At present, the module's source code is the whole process of demo mobile terminal MT7681 CPU and internal interactive interactive data. That is MT7681 MCU internal TCP IP call completion data 4 For direct calls using the internal MCU TCP IP functions for network data transmission, this is not very familiar with the TCP IP brother is struggling a little, a lot of people need is: I go through module serial port, plug a microcontroller, and then use the AT instruction listening on a port or directly connected external IP, and allows the external microcontroller using AT commands and the communications module, which simply communicate data. We do not have time to go to TCP / IP to improve this part of the AT commands.

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