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Single-bus digital temperature and humidity sensor module electronic building blocks DHT11 DHT11



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dimensions: length 28mmX height 7.2mm width 12mmX
Sensor Model: Ozon DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
working voltage: DC 5V


1, humidity measuring range: 20 --- 90% RH

2, humidity measurement accuracy: 5% RH

3, the temperature measuring range: 0 --- 50 ?

4, the temperature measurement accuracy: 2 ?

5, the working voltage: DC5V / 3.3V

6, the digital signal output

7, data port pull-up resistor

8, with 3mm fixing screw holes for easy installation

wiring methods:

VCC 3.3V / 5V positive power supply

GND power supply negative

DATA microcontroller IO port

Tips: Do not VCC and GND reversed, the reverse will burn!



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