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TB6600 axis engraving machine drive four-axis 4-axis stepper motor driver 4.5A 36V substituted TB6560



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Its main features are:
1: The inductive DC-DC step-down module, computer terminal and then using the power isolation module design, just to run a set of power input, the input voltage of 24V-40V input voltage allows high, completely beyond TB6560, TB6560 of the input voltage. typically 24V.

2: Increase the external signal input optocoupler used in all optical coupling isolation input.
3: Increase the analog 0-10V output, combined with the drive spindle control software MACH3 governor.
4: add a select group of relay output (can output two relay respectively control two different devices, load isolation relay 1 pin P16, P17 pin relay 2)
5: an increase of 20-pin multi-interface, a variety of signal input control docking (input signal directly to the handle or Weihong card), you can use single-chip, ARM, DSP control.

6: Add signal buffer chip, an external signal amplification, increasing the accuracy of the pulse.
7: oversized bottom of the E-type aluminum fins full load for 24 hours, the temperature is very low (which can add a fan or other cooling device).

The drives are available software mach2, mach3, (mach3 have support WIN7 system), KCAM4 like.
Stepper motor drive with TB6600 chip
The maximum rated output: 4.5A, 40V, the peak value. 5A, low output impedance source 0.5, 0.4 reception side, the low pressure off, and the circulation circuit heat tection parking. After it designed to set the current output 0.5A 1A 1.8A 2.5A 3.3A 4A 4.5A To accommodate more different motor currents.
All semi-axis circuit design flow, reduce heat drive motor also reduces the amount of heat, so that the drive motor and the longest life.
TB6600 There are 124,816 subdivision and decay mode can be set, smooth running and low noise.



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