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The 4-way control switch 12V computer USB drive- relay module PC Intelligent Controller



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Module Description:


The module uses HID technology, trade , without any drivers, downloads, which comes with the application, plug and play. Support WIN7, XP 32-bit, 64-bit systems, easy to use and simple. We vide applications and secondary development of C ++ library code, no VB code, but are dll files, so can operate on VB, VB needs to be familiar with their friends to try. Because engineers to study abroad, we can not vide you with technical support, so please see the information before making,##1## is the duct of all the information, very detailed, to see if there are things you need to consider the purchase, We apologize for the inconvenience.

Module Applications:

Smart home control switch, intelligent switch hotel, hotel intelligent electrical control, intelligent greenhouses, shopping malls intelligent switch, the company plant intelligent switching, timing of management of Internet cafes, karaoke OK timing control, physical networking, industrial control equipment, test equipment, power control, street management intelligent management, centralized power management.

Module Description:

1. Onboard square USB interface to connect stable
2. The use of high-performance USB controller chip
3. Use the relay driver chip ULN2803, more stable relay
4. Use loose music relay
5. military grade PCB board duction
6. The board power outlets and terminals, convenient and flexible power two access ways. After connecting the power, even if the computer off or unplug the USB from the computer, you can also relay remains set.
7. PCB size: 71.6mm * 65.3mm
8. fixing hole size: 3mm, fixing holes central moments: 67.4mm * 61.3mm
Note: Due to the characteristics of the USB tocol, this module is not suitable for large electromagnetic interference places! If you want to use, good electromagnetic shielding, and buy USB cable with electromagnetic shielding.

duct parameters:

Input voltage: DC 12 V

Input Current: More than 300mA

Wiring: NC / COM / NO

Relay parameters:

The maximum can be controlled AC 250V, 10A AC load and the maximum load DC30V 10A DC

Wiring diagram:


English software interface:

1. green Indicates relay is closed, red Showing off

2. Open the device, the software automatically retrieves the current operating state of the relay



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