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The digital infrared obstacle avoidance sensors, ultra-small, 3-100cm adjustable current 6ma



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The Infrared digital obstacle avoidance sensors, ultra-small, 3-100cm adjustable current 6ma Crown motions!


Digital signal output, the sensor containing the necessary modulation and demodulation, logic cessing.

How it works: active transmitter infrared sensor, based on the reflected light detection, if the obstacle is detected, OUT pin output 0, otherwise 1.
Operating voltage: 3.8v-5.5v
Operating current (5V when): Typical current 6ma

Input and output signal (3-wire):

GND, VCC is the power supply, VCC range is 3.8v-5.5v

How the board turn precision adjustable potentiometer, which can be adjusted according to the use environment. Adjustment range from 3cm-100cm. Because it is a reflection principle, with specific targets related to the reflection can be adjusted according to the situation.

The circuit board has a red LED, a light emitting when detected obstacles .OUT output continued low. Accessibility is a continuous high level output OUT.

Obstacle detection time (within the effective detection range from the target to the accessibility obstacles, barriers or obstacles to target disappears): = 21ms

Sensor active infrared reflection detection, so the target reflectivity and shape are key detection range, wherein the minimum detection range of black, white maximum; small area of small objects from a large area from the great.
Here is the detection range of the actual test:

Detection range (test environment, indoor, maximum power, voltage 5v, power consumption 6.5ma):

1. white wall: 100cm

2. IBM computer black cover: 20cm

3.1 finger: 18cm

4. palm: 30cm

5. a transparent ballpoint pen: 20cm

A transparent ballpoint pen can be sensitively detected.


The version made great im vements have been maturing, the following features:

1. Ultra-miniature, and is designed with a mechanical mounting holes.

2. The low power consumption, wide operating voltage range. Transmit signals using modulated signals, distance, interference and good, non-direct sunlight outdoor work (distance will be shorter).

3. distance adjustable range from 3cm-100cm.

4. avoidance using window technology and avoid the critical zones, the sensor is working very stable, the output signal of the user directly, no need to consider signal jitter blems.

5. , but overall performance has exceeded the market infrared obstacle avoidance sensor.


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