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The four smart car chassis / gun / robot / Quad motor drive / four-wheel drive car tracking avoidance



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Customers receive chassis are attached surface layer of tective paper beige?Chassis tection during transport will not be scratched, torn to render the color of the duct introduction?

Weight 540G

Car relatively large size: length 29.5cm X 15cm wide

Plan view



Bottom view



Trolley motor mounting reference examples are as follows?We do is to take a section chassis demonstration, the actual installation of the same?:

Trolley motor side fixed installation steps: Install metal L brackets on the chassis



Trolley motor side fixed installation Step two: the motor is mounted on the bracket





Trolley motor side fixed installation Step 3: engaging wheels on the machine



Car motor side has finished the installation, if it is very simple.

When the four motors are mounted up will install the first floor chassis, the chassis of the second layer can install many extensions circuits and modules is very ant, oh.


Installation length up pillars




Four pillars are installed go up


Pressed, and Screws, and four power-driven HC-4 car just installed oh.



Installation is very simple and easy to do, come try it.



1: an upgraded version of HC-4 lower car chassis

HC-4 car upper 2,1 sheet expansion chassis

3,4 3-6V DC Gear Motor

Reduction ratio of 1: 48,3V at 125 revolutions per minute

4,4 rubber tires

L 5,4 metal bracket fixed to the motor cover?Including supporting screw nut?

6,4 parental expansion board designed with long pillars booster?Including supporting screw nut?


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