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TL866CS high performance mini USB programmer / burner TL86



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Kit Contents
1, a host


2, a color box
3, USB cable one? Note: USB cable with color variation and change manufacturers ?
4, CD-ROM (software, drivers, description) 1

. TL866CS enhanced the latest version of the software vides synchronization, software features significant upgrades, support direct input IC model look BIOS, thousands of chip, the latest support WIN7 64 bit systems, support chips over ten thousand thousands !!!

Note: TL866CS and TL866A difference: TL866CS limiting the ICSP interface function
ICSP interface functions only on the microcontroller, AT45DBxxx, independent of other models


The grammer supports gramming on a thousand kinds of chips, almost summed up various memories (such as 24/25/27/28/29/35/45/49/93 series), several majormainstream microcontroller (such as AVR / PIC / SST and other dozens of s) and computer motherboard BIOS, the specific model please refer to the support list vided above. Of course, as long as the plug is not packaged devices will need to pass a variety of converter corresponding seat after conversion to put on the grammer gramming, about conversion seat please buyers to purchase another according to their actual needs, purchase conversion seat advice dispensers!


The advantages vided by the official description:
1, the fastest gramming?Part 5-10 chip speed?.
2, the world's smallest, lowest power itself, is not the only one Barbara heat integrated grammer.
3, all of the chip without an external power supply, its low power consumptionthe USB port vides enough power.
4, the best 40-pin internal overvoltage tection, the strongest VPP, VCC four overcurrent tection. Do not short-circuit reset PC or grammer.
5, a wide range of chip 12700+ support, family support serial, parallel series of thousands of large-capacity chip 40/44 / 48PIN the FLASH.
6, truly test 74/54 CMOS4000 series of integrated circuits. It can be positioned to the wrong gate.
7, the chip serial number feature the most complete and practical.
8, support Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Win2008 WinVista Win7 operating system in English.

9, the Support AVR microcontroller with internal RC oscillator calibration byte encryption Calibration duction operations on the chip. After the break of violence in other software can not directly run directly on the same chip model!


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