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Two smart car chassis / robot / Tracing car / kit / band encoder / HC-1 /



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This non-

1 set of about 295 g

Trolley default transparent or black?Note: Chassis to get there is with a yellow paper film, please remove tective paper film can voluntarily expose you choose a transparent or black chassis, the chassis to prevent scratching the main Zhimo ?.


A transparent chassis

2, the speed encoder 2, round plum style.

3, the tire 2 Yellow

4, gear motor 2?Reduction ratio of 1:48 and 1: 120 two kinds of optional?

1:48 deceleration 125 rpm faster than the no-load voltage at 3V


5, two sets of fasteners?In a small plastic bag?

6, caster 1?In a small plastic bag?

7, comes with matching screw nut?In a small plastic bag?

8. Get 4 AA battery box 1

9. Get a universal screwdriver




Because there are differences in the total speed after any motor , will duce vibration through transportation gear speed difference, if you want the speed of the car as much as possible consistent with two motors, it is recommended that you purchase a multi-gear motor, so you three motors in?Small car has been equipped with two of the?The bability to find two motor speed close to matching the very high, and have a spare motor, oh.

Double Motor FIG.?White on both sides of the shaft is biaxially meaning, can take the side of the tire, while the speed encoder can be connected?


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