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two-way relay module optocoupler, relay expansion board



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Module parameters:

1. Size: 50.5mm (length) * 38.5mm (W) * 18.5 (H)

2. Weight: 31g

3.PCB Color: Black

4. board four weeks with four fixed screw holes, hole diameter 3.1mm, easy to install and fixed

5. Relay selection of loose music relay, SPDT. A common terminal, a normally open, a normally closed terminal

6. optocoupler isolation, good anti-jamming


7. pull low, high release. Energisation status indicator light, the release status LED is off

8.VCC system power, JD_VCC relay power. It can plug in jumper

Electrical parameters:
Supply voltage: 5VDC
Current: More than 100mA
Load: 250V 10A AC or DC 30V 10A


Wiring instructions:

VCC: positive power supply system

GND: negative power supply system

IN1 - IN2: Relay control port

Do not reversed, we do not cause the module to burn to be returned.




2-way coupler relay module with a


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