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Ultra-miniature digital amplifier board 2 * 3W Class D digital amplifier board can be efficient 2.5 ~ 5V USB power supply



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Excellent noise suppression, in the absence of contact input audio, ear close to the speaker did not hear any noise, Two-channel stereo, 5V power supply can output 3W + 3W power that can directly drive a small speaker 4,8, output power, full of energy, good sound . Unique non-LC filterless Class D digital power board can be used directly USB-powered computers. Dual-panel wiring and perly solve the crosstalk, ground ultra-miniature design and channel balance between the wiring caused can be easily placed within the interior space of a small variety of digital ducts, high amplification efficiency. All using the entire board welding machine, welding comparable non-manual soldering iron

 ultrafine Volume: 1.85 * 2.11cm 

 Note: The negative side of the left and right channel outputs and can not be connected together, otherwise it will burn IC, and connected powered speakers should be preceded?load?.


Rated working voltage of 2.5 ~ 5V, limit operating voltage 5.5V.


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