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Ultra-small SI4463 wireless module / remote / si4432 / wall Wang / si4463 / 915M / 2000



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Please download the information on their own  size, high sensitivity, distance, anti-interference ability, emission maximum 85mA @ 100mw receiving minimum 10mA, wireless speed 0.5KBPS-1MBPS

Product Introduction

XL4463-SMT wireless module is used by the company using the Silicon Labs Si4463 B1 version of the chip carefully designed, it is a complete, compact, low-power wireless transceiver module. Si4463 is a high-performance low-current 433MHz transceiver is EZRadioPRO series one, including a complete transmitter and receiver. Highest sensitivity -126dBm The maximum output power of + 20dBm, support (G) FSK, 4 (G) FSK, (G) MSK, OOK and ASK modulation, the data rate in the range of 100bps ~ 1Mbps, operating voltage of 1.8V ~ 3.6V, shutdown current of 30nA, standby current of 50nA. Si4463 has phase noise and narrow-band applications concession, with blocking and selectivity, for example, FCC Part90 and 169MHz wireless MBus. Also it has Adjacent Channel Selectivity 12.5kHz channel spacing 60dB, ensuring reliable operation in harsh RF conditions, which for narrowband operation is particularly ant. Si4463 vides superior output power (up to + 20dBm) and excellent TX efficiency. Its high output power and sensitivity, and industry-leading 146 db link extends the range and reliability of the communication link. This satisfies RF signal amplification development difficult blem to some extent. At the maximum power setting conditions, open communication distance up to 2000 km. Far more than the SI4432, known through the wall said. Module integrates all RF devices and related functions, users do not need to understand the relevant knowledge of the radio, you can use this module to easily develop a stable and reliable wireless related ducts.

Module Features


  • XL4463-SMT is based on the company's Silicon relevant information from well-designed fessional manufacturing, the most fitting of various characteristics SI4464.
  • Murata high-frequency device module used in all specifications of inductance and capacitance, the crystal of 10ppm precision specifications ensure that the wireless module features to be fully reflected.
  • From fessional OEM using precision SMT lead- solder cessing, all modules have been fessional equipment testing, consistency and stability of the modules are fully tected.
  • SPI interface, small size volume, convenient Stamp Interface embedded design, fully extended from your equipment performance to the next level.
  • With shield, anti-jamming performance ! list
    • XL4463-SMT a wireless module
    • A silver antenna 433M
    • Reference gram information package, sent directly after purchase online or e-mail


    Module details


    1, Frequency range: 410-440M?Antenna matching optimum range, and the country for ISM band?
    2, sensitivity: Up to -126dBm (0.5Kbps)
    3, wireless transmitter maximum output power: 20dBm (1.2Kbps, 433M)
    4, the data transfer rate: 0.1-1Mbps
    5, modulation mode: FSK, GFSK, 4GFSK and OOK
    6, power supply: 1.8-3.6 V
    7, ultra-low consumption in power-down mode is 30nA (4.21ms), in the standby mode 50nA;

    Receive current 10 / 13mA, maximum emission current of 85mA.
    8, the digital received signal strength indication (RSSI)
    9, timed wake-up function, wireless wake-up function?WUT?
    10, the antenna automatically match and two-way switch control
    11, can be configured packet structure
    12, preamble detection
    13, 64-byte transmit and receive data register?FIFO?
    14, on-chip integrated low battery detection
    15, on-chip temperature sensor and 8-bit ADC
    16, operating temperature range: -40 ~ + 80C?Temperature characteristics and duct consistency is much !?
    17. The integrated voltage regulator
    18, frequency hopping and fast wake-up
    19, power-on reset function
    20, built-in crystal error adjustment function

    21, the chip automatically calculate and check CRC-16, and supports three 16-bit CRC polynomial





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