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USB current and voltage monitor tester detection table phone charging mobile power capacity tester



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Without fessional wiring, easy to use, as long as Plug USB port, discharge charging, monitoring equipment can work Electric current Voltage, battery capacity, and statistics.

The surface mount machine screen tective film, such as do not need to tear
It can be used as, a simple routine testing tools
1 can be detected, tablet, mobile phone battery charging capacity determines how much battery performance drops, replace as necessary.
2. Charging treasure can detect the discharge capacity, charge treasure calculated conversion rate.
3. The charging current can detect your digital devices.
4. 5V router and any other 5V USB port device?Such as USB lights?Operating current, etc.
Comes with usb input lines, there microusb port, you can use other input line. One then the power / mobile power, note the default is to use usb interface, ie 5v; other end connected to the load, which can be a mobile phone.
Input voltage: 3V-7V
Voltage Resolution: 0.01V
Test current: 0.05A-3.50A
Current Resolution: 0.01A
Capacity range: 0-19999mAH
Accuracy: Plus or minus 1%
Line loss: About 0.1 ohm
Test content: Battery voltage, current, discharge capacity ?A total of 10 sets of data?
Measuring voltage and current:
USB male plug 5V chargers, mobile phones and other equipment female insert, read current and voltage directly
MicroUSB line measurement:
Female plug mobile phones and other devices, first use the native male plug 5V chargers, remember that voltage, then MicroUSB cable into the bore in mind that the machine MicroUSB charger 5V voltage from the voltage the the gap is smaller MicroUSB cable
Battery capacity test:
Use TP4056 and other linear charging circuit through this capacity to the table completely empty battery is fully charged to full capacity reading on the battery capacity, the use of this method can be measured charge capacity of the phone, the phone can even calculate the charging efficiency
Mobile measuring power output capacity and efficiency:
The first machine connected mobile power, mobile power turn on, long press the button until the volume of data to zero, charging into the phone several times until the move is no power supply is automatically shut down. Next is the display capacity mAH mobile power output when opening the unit. Note that this mAH than nominal mAH small output mAH * Output voltage 5V / battery mAH * Battery voltage 3.7V = mobile power efficiency
Data cleared:
Press and hold the button until?The first several sets of data?After release into the next set of buttons automatically jump to the next set of data from scratch.
Quickly click the button (0.5S or less) into the viewing data viewing mode, backlight LED flashes, and then click to display the next set of data, double-click to exit View mode, long bright LED backlight.
High or low voltage alarm:
Arrow LCD backlight LED flashes, the alarm mpt. Press the button LED lit 30S.
Power Status:
MicroUSB powered by USB cable or with male, the entire contents of the LCD display 1S?Detection LCD screen is intact?And then display the last data?Capacity, and third sets of data?, High or low voltage tips, current and voltage current.
Calibration data set: An electronic load device, a constant current source.
Constant current source adjusted to 8.5V and less than 10V?Recommendation 9V?Electronic load mode is set to CC?Constant current mode?3A, 2A, 1A, 0.3A, respectively, the four current calibration.
In 3A as an example:
When 3A Calibration: Setting constant current mode electronic load 3A, LCD fuel gauge current calibration automatically slowly?10S around?You can see the current will change the LCD screen, turn off the electronic load calibration data is automatically tected.

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