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USB to TTL serial port in nine upgrade Brush board PL2303HX module STC microcontroller download cable



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USB to TTL serial port in nine upgrade Brush board PL2303HX module STC microcontroller download cable


USB to TTL, support XP, WIN7 system

Low-cost, stable performance, super brush machine, download the STC microcontroller!



1, USB to serial TTL a small plate

2, DuPont line?Two parent?5


1 small plate support win7 system it ??
A: usb turn ttl small plate support win7 system, installation of drivers will be able to choose vista.
2. Brush on information?
A: We only vide the information on some brush our website for reference data, data from the network Brush?Does not neat, timeliness of information?The restaurant does not have a right for you, nor that all can use the service less than the buyers according to their machine to the Internet to look at the statistics.
3. Why did your little online board did not respond?
A: First, a small shopevery plate is tested before delivery is no blem, the owner of a small plate test method requirements of customers in strict accordance with the shop after receiving a small presentation boards to test, then no blem determining Brush. Why did not respond basically online novices questions, related to port?com port?Settings, select the port, set the parameters of the software, and machine accuracy of the data is good or bad. Small plate is a lot of buyers advice through trial and stable easy to put into mass duction, this small board considered the fourth batch, the buyer no doubt, feel comfortable buying it.
4, can guide you brush?
A: does not vide technical guidance! Due to a wide range of models available in the market, and each person's perception and ability there are differences, so we do not that you can brush machine, not because he did not brush machine and give us neutral or negative feedback. Our design and duction of electronic ducts, usually are busy, the owner is not a brush machine expert, busy does not accept Brush technology consulting, leisure can only communicate with everyone.
5, how to buy multiple items?
A: We all goods to buy more than just pay a courier, sometimes leaving the owner is not online or you can direct shot, is: just pay when you are optimistic about the merchandise by one into the shopping cart, and finally to the settlement. a courier.
6, on the evaluation?
A: for your love of our ducts! Integrity management, to build a harmonious online shopping business philosophy of the restaurant, but in the business activities for you, it is inevitable that there is such a shortage is not critical, have blems please contact our staff, we seek to negotiate a friendly settlement the blem can always be solved, but also to the distinguished your spare time to give praise Oh.
7, you can cash on delivery?
A: The shop a little money, generally do not do cash on delivery, the owner no time with a single, honest integrity are principles of life of the owner, you really want to buy OUR goods was not any opening of Alipay, Alipay can ask a friend purchasing or contact customer choice of bank account money, the money that is shipped.
8, pin test methods
A: We sent out each one is tested, here to remind buyers do not directly get after the brush machine operation, so as not to brush not think there is a blem. First, do a simple test method is very simple: If you put the cable into a computer, the computer mpts to find hardware .... with a multimeter black pen then (GND), respectively, to pick up the red pen (RX) and (TX ) can be measured voltage, then the small plates must be good. note here, if there is (GND) voltage connected to the device pins, power must be burned, so the user before the connection must be measured accurately pin device, so as to avoid unnecessary losses!
9-pin connection and description
A: Be sure to find the front connector pinout good machine, ely GND must not be connected to the voltage pin, and RX and TX side do not connected to the set-top box to the VCC pin, the (actual measurement had some set-top boxes VCC pins voltage up to 14V.?Take the wrong turn will burn chip wiring, must be careful not to take their own small board to do the experiment, otherwise we are not responsible for any burn. We must find a good pin definitions in the access.
10, on the return?
A: Because this duct price is the most cost-effective Taobao Brush module, so the restaurant does not vide any guidance and technical support brush machine, can only vide a small board USB to TTL drivers and information, and brush modules. No matter how much bargain by buying or chop International, please bypass! ! ! OUR sell any one module were tested before the issue, the only good hand bag, good or bad, please within 24 hours after receipt of the test module, within 24 hours after receipt regardless of any issues that need to replace the module, buyers and sellers each pay one-way .

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