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Wide ENC28J60 module spi interface / Ethernet / network module / 51 / AVR / ARM / PIC Generation



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ENC28J60 spi module vides Ethernet Interface 51 / AVR / ARM / PIC Code with power light wholesale price!

Note: 1, This module requires your ability basics networks?Will connect, you can read the general c gram?Friends to buy?For example the connection,?!

2, only a good debugging code does not vide technical support!

3, Part goods Ethernet port tab washer water corrosion is a small point, this point has required a detour! Ensure that goods!

Debugging reminder:

1, to adjust the computer's IP address and a subnet such as gram modules: Module IP is, set the computer IP:; that is Like the three section 192.168.1;

2 Crossover cable Internet port and network interface modules;?1 3,2 6 cable is crossed, there do not understand you can Baidu Image?;

3, module power supply is 3.3V, do not use 5V;

4, modules and connect mcu to pay attention to each cord is connected and reliable?Even on the surface is not equal to even ?;

5, and then mcu port IO to confirm is right;

6, recompiling the gram, download, verify download!

STM32 and 51 IO wiring instructions:

############ STM32 wiring ##########

STM32f103VBT6 ENC28J60 module

Or other stm32
PC10 ----------- RESET
PC12 --------- pull output mode on CS // PC12
// SPI1-
PA5 ----------- SCK // output mode
PA6 ----------- SO // input mode
PA7 ----------- SI // output mode

###### 51 single ###########

// ---------------------------------

Change the IP address and MAC address in uipopt.h
// ---------------------------------

Port configuration inside spi.h
STC12C5A60S2 DIP OSC: 18.432M

sbit CSN = P1 ^ 0; // 28J60-- CS (SS)
sbit SIN = P1 ^ 1; // MOSI
sbit SON = P1 ^ 2; // MISO
sbit SCKN = P1 ^ 3; // SCK
sbit RSTN = P1 ^ 4; // RST
sbit INTN = P3 ^ 3; // INT

Test shots:

1, STM32 ping Screenshot:


2, STM32 web server Test shots:



b, ENC28j60 chip:

c, and mcu interfaces pictures

Module Features :

1,3.3v power supply;

2,10M Ethernet interface;

3, SPI interfaces with the 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit microcontroller connected.

First, the vider list:

1, stm32-keil gram web server;

2, stm32-iar gram web server;

3, pic gram web server;

4, avr the test gram web server;

5, lpc2138 test gram web server;

6, STC 51 test gram? C8051 series) there are single-chip SPI interface?The rate 1T?,because

ram 51 is too small, can not do Web ;


two, Schematics

three, vide ENC28J60 Chinese data sheet;

four, Board size 56 (mm) x 34 (mm) ;

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