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Without plate HC-05 Bluetooth from one master to serial Bluetooth serial module Bluetooth



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Module HC-05 module is the master and slave integration modules, master and slave mode AT command set, enrich instruction.

HC-05 And HC-06 The difference:

HC-05 is a front from the integration of Bluetooth serial module, the main switch from a directive, instruction rich range


HC-06 module is separate from the main product, can not be switched from the main settings, simple to use, inexpensive

HC-05 and other similar products, the difference between:



product description


1 , Adopt CSR Mainstream Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth V2.0 Protocol Standards

2 , Serial module operating voltage 3.3V From generally 10 meters

3 , The default baud rate of 9600 The user can set.

4 , Support software Member is provided from the main mode

5 , Working status indicator, connected to the non-connected state signal output, easy MCU The module status tracking

6 , Core module size is: 28mm x 15 mm x 2.35mm

7 , Working current: Pairing: 30 ~ 40mA Pairing communication has not been completed: 2 ~ 8Ma Communication: 8mA

8 , Sleep Current: not hibernate

9 , For GPS Navigation system, utility meter reading systems, industrial control systems mining site.

10 , You can add Bluetooth notebook computers, computer Bluetooth adapter, PDA And other equipment to seamlessly connect

product applications
This module is mainly used in the field of wireless transmission of data over short distances. Can be easily and PC Bluetooth device is connected, it can also exchange data between the two modules. Avoid cumbersome cable connections, direct serial cable replacement .

  • Bluetooth Printer
  • Wireless data collection;
  • Bluetooth remote control toys
  • Automotive testing equipment;
  • Remote control and monitoring;
  • Bluetooth wireless data transmission;
  • traffic , Downhole location, alarm;
  • POS Systems, wireless keyboard, mouse;
  • Automated data acquisition system;
  • Wireless data transmission; banking system;
  • Government energy-saving lights equipment
  • Interactive television program voting equipment;
  • wireless led Display System
  • Bluetooth joystick, gamepad Bluetooth
  • Intelligent home, industrial control
  • Building automation, security, wireless monitoring and control room equipment, access control systems




1, the power supply voltage of 3.3V, when unpaired current is about 2-8mA, paired about 20mA, the absolute prohibition of reverse power!

2, led pin indicates the Bluetooth connection status, pulse output means no Bluetooth connectivity, high output indicates that Bluetooth is connected and open ports

3, interface level 3.3V, can be directly connected to various microcontrollers 51, AVR, PIC, ARM, MSP430, etc. , 5V MCU also can be connected directly, without MAX232 MAX232 can not go through!

4, the computer module and then followed MAX3232 chip connected to the computer's serial port

5, open to the effective distance of about 10 meters, but do not make this connection the of distance

6, after the pair when full-duplex serial interface, without having to know any Bluetooth protocol, but only supports 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity communication format, which is the most common communication format does not support other formats .

7, when the Bluetooth connection is not established support setting the baud rate, name, passkey by AT commands, power-down save parameter settings. After the Bluetooth connection is automatically switched to transparent mode

8, compact 28mm x 15 mm x 2.35mm, chip production plant the of the patch.

9, the link from the machine, computer, Bluetooth with Bluetooth from the host with a variety of functions, most Bluetooth mobile phones, PDA, PSP and other intelligent terminal pairing from not pairing between the machine


AT Instruction Set


HC-05 Embedded Bluetooth serial communication module Hereinafter referred to as module It has two operating modes: a command response work Mode and auto-connect mode, in automatic mode connected to the main module can be divided into Master ,From Slave And loopback Loopback Three operating roles. When the module is connected to the automatic mode automatically according to pre-set Way data transmission connection; when the module is in command response mode can perform all of the following AT Command, the user can Send to a variety of modules AT Command, control parameters are set for the module or published control commands. The control module external pins PIO11 Input level can be achieved dynamic conversion module state.


Serial module pin definitions used :

1 , PIO8 connection led Indicating the module status after power module flashes, flashing different states in different intervals.

2 , PIO9 connection led , Indicating a successful connection module, Bluetooth serial port connection after a successful match, led Long bright.

3 , PIO11 State switching module feet high --AT Command response operation, low or floating - Bluetooth General Workers For the state.

4 On module with a reset circuit, re-power to complete the reset.


Setting procedure based module :

1 , PIO11 Set high.

2 , Power module into the AT Command response status.

3 HyperTerminal or other serial tool, set the baud rate 38400 Data bits 8 Bits, stop bits 1 Bits, no parity, No flow control.

4 , Serial port character AT + ROLE = 1 \ r \ n Successful return OK \ r \ n ,among them \ R \ n A carriage return line feed.

5 , PIO Set low, re-power, module-based module, automatically search for slave module to establish a connection.

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