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YS-04 DCDC step-down power module car battery voltage meter + 5V USB charging mobile phones



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Two-wire car voltmeter + 5.0V USB Charging Combo

High-performance, multi-purpose, intelligent, user-friendly design


Module performance and highlights:

1. Wide range of voltage meter: DC4.5 ~ 40V

2. 5V / 2A The output current capability?Input voltage 6.5 ~ 40V When to stabilize output 5.0V Voltage?

3. One Key?Output Enable button?switch USB Output, a key?Low power button?Into the ultra-low power

4. Car voltage meter can self-calibration, will never exist without accurate voltmeter blem! !

5. With reverse polarity tection, reverse polarity does not burn

6. With over-current, over-temperature tection

7. band USB Power Indicator

8. With terminals for easy access lines

9. High efficiency, low ripple

10. The module dimensions: length 58mm width 21mm high 10mm

11. Weight: 13g


Module Description:

Module vides real-time detection after the voltage when you need to give your phone, Ipad , MP3 And other digital ducts while charging, touch the button to enable the output at this time USB Power light turns on, USB 5.0V Voltage; when you need to close the digital control, low-power touch button, and the module into the ultra-low-power standby mode, USB Output is also turned off accordingly.

Module uses:

Wide input voltage, automotive / Storage battery car / Motorcycles, used to monitor battery voltage, grasp the battery status, voltage measurements can be used for various purposes.

5.0V , 2A Output current capacity, enough to meet a variety of USB Equipment, voltage is very stable.

Note: The default module D + D- Short circuit, compatible with the vast majority of cell phone charger, and set aside a variety of mobile phones identification resistor installation location if you need to include the identification resistor, DISCONNECT D + D- Wire cut themselves can join.

Now major manufacturers USB Power charging Recognition Definition summarized as follows:

Samsung: more complex, not some universal design, some shorted D + \ D-.
Nokia: D + \ D- shorting
HTC: D + \ D- shorting
Microsoft Zune: D + \ D- shorting
BlackBerry, MOTO, Sony, Meizu: Part D + \ D- short, no part of the identification circuit common
Apple: the identification resistor, backward compatible with short
Innovation: identifying resistance, are not compatible short
LG: Universal Design
ZTE: Universal Design
kindle: Suspected D + \ D- shorting
Other vendors did not mention generally universal design. Of course, we do not rule out there are circumstances.
Plus apple identification circuit, the circuit is compatible with Apple's D +, D- shorted.

USB Identification resistor circuit is as follows:


Resistance: 0805 1% accuracy

49.9K * 2 4992 logo

75K * 1 7502 logo

43K * 1 4302 logo

Note: Iphone D + road access 75K D- channel connection 43K?FIG.?Compatible shorted D + D-

IPAD D + Road access Road access 75K 43K D-?D + D- swap?

Two-wire car voltmeter Self-calibration method:

1. When car voltmeter normal operation, press Output Enable button 2 Seconds after the release, voltmeter blinking, into the voltage regulation mode;

2. Touch Output Enable Button, a voltage rise unit, touch Low power consumption Button, a voltage drop unit; a unit because the voltage value of less than 0.1V , So you need to continuously press 1-5 Times to see changes in the voltmeter 0.1V Specific continuous button several times depending on the voltage value currently displayed, the current display higher the voltage, the less the number of press;

3. After the voltage adjustment is completed, press Output Enable button 2 Seconds after the release, this time to exit calibration mode voltage, All parameters set to automatically power-down save .


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