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Yun Shield YUN expansion board



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Product Details;file=YUN_SHIELD_QUICK_START_GUIDE_v1.0.pdf;file=YUN_SHIELD_USER_MANUAL_v1.0.pdf


Yun Expansion board is a strong function of Arduin Series expansion board, the board running the open-source OpenWrt system?versus Arduin Yun On the same system?Fully compatible Arduino compatible IDEv5.4 Or a later version, particularly suitable Time networking With plenty of storage

Flexible, and it can also be Uno , DuemilanoveMega Other Arduin Board with use. External WiFi Antenna so that the board can work stable in a variety of environments.


duct parameters:

cessor: 400MHz , 24KMIPS

Flash memory: 16Mbytes

RAM : 64MBytes

Input voltage: Arduino compatible VIN Pin input 4.75V ~ 23V

1 A 10M / 100MRJ45 Connector

150MWiFi802.11b / g / n

I-Pex External antenna connection

1 A USB Socket for USB Storage or 3G connection

1 Reset button

compatible 3.3V or 5VI / OArduino compatible


duct point:

Built-in open source Linux operating system? OpenWrt ?

Low power consumption

compatible Arduino compatible IDE1.5.4 Or later. Users can Arduin IDE Correct Arduin Plate series Cheng, commissioning, download codes.

Or via a local area network WiFi use WebGUI , SSH Managed

Online Software Upgrade

Internal web server

Support local area network, WiFi or 3G Signal connection network

Available U Dish to Arduino compatible Spread storage

Fail-safe design enhances system stability

compatible Ardui Leonardo , Uno , Duemilanove , Diecimila , Mega Wait




example 1 ,to Linux greet

From Arduino compatible IDE Detect IP :

This example is Arduin versus Yun Extended communication test board. Available in the Arduino compatible IDE File Example bridge ConsoleRead turn up. Instructions can be found in the example Here turn up. The following codes are listed and described in detail in order to understand Yun Expansion boards.


example 2 To upload data networking server

This example shows how to record data to a common networking server Xively in. The modified examples can make Console Serial adapt to different Arduino compatible board. in Ardui IDE File Example bridge XivelyClient You can be found, Here You can see a detailed explanation.

Before you download the ject, ensure that: Yun Expansion board has access to the Internet.

Reference instruction manual input FEEDID and APIKEY , Pay attention to FEEDID Write in double quotes.

The serial class to class to suit different independent AVR .


example 3 ,use U Disc recording data

This example shows how to use U Disc recording data. Engineering and to use this example U Disc recording data the same. Source code Here . Yun Expansion board will automatically create a directory / Mnt / sda1 . ject sensor data will be saved as file / mnt / sda1 / data / datalog.csv . So make sure before using engineering U There is such a disk file.



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